Rubbermaid® FreshWorks Food Container - 7.4L

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Keep your food fresh and well preserved with Rubbermaid® FreshWorks Food Tupperware in 7.4L.

    Brand: Rubbermaid®
    Material: Food-grade plastic
    Dimensions: H12.8 x W28 x D19.5 cm
    Capacity: 7.4L

    - Revolutionary FreshVent technology creates an optimal environment for fruits and vegetables by regulating the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide in and out of the produce container.
    - The CrispTray at the bottom of the food container elevates produce away from moisture and promotes airflow to help prevent spoilage.
    - Stain and odor resistant.
    - BPA-free.
    - Dishwasher and freezer safe.
    - Recyclable base.
    - Origin: USA.
    Card Only No